Kristen Stewart’s next role continues her trend of portraying influential real life women, although this project will feature a meta twist.

The actor is set to portray Susan Sontag in “Sontag,” which will be directed by Kirsten Johnson. Screen Daily first reported the project. The feature is based on the biography “Sontag: Her Life” by Ben Moser, and will be written for the screen by Johnson and Lisa Kron. UK-Australia-based Brouhaha Entertainment will produce the project, which is set to start filming at the Berlin Film Festival, where Stewart is the jury president.

“We’re using Berlin as a moment to kick off the project and do documentary footage of Kristen as the head of the jury and talking to her about how she’s going to become Sontag,” said Gabrielle Tana, who co-founded Brouhaha Entertainment and is producer on the project. “It will be a drama, but with a documentary aspect to it. Kirsten has a wonderful approach to storytelling, and this is reflective of that, so she will use documentary in it.”

Sontag was an influential writer and intellectual who would often distill complex ideas about human rights and social justice into clear-headed essays. Her nonfiction work, which brought light to social issues like the AIDS epidemic and criticism of the Vietnam War, was often met with controversy.

Stewart starred in two high-profile biopics in recent years, including 2019’s “Seberg,” in which she played actress Jean Seberg, and 2021’s “Spencer,” in which she portrayed Princess Diana in an Oscar-nominated turn. Beyond those roles, Stewart has also starred in a recent string of bold films, including 2022’s surreal sci-fi “Crimes of the Future,” and two very different 2020 projects: the heartwarming lesbian rom-com “Happiest Season” and the creature feature “Underwater.”

This would be Johnson’s first time directing a drama following two critically-acclaimed documentaries, 2016’s “Cameraperson” and 2020’s “Dick Johnson Is Dead.”


  • When10 February 2023
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